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Sebastian feeding his master by goddes-of-death Sebastian feeding his master :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 0
Hetalia Stereotypes
On one very boring world meeting the nations were discovering there boredom was taking over.  So Prussia decides to break it.
"So guys here's an awesome idea I found this song on youtube why don't we watch the music video" Prussia said with a smirk
Canada knew what he was up to but did not say a word.  
He whispered to himself "Those hosers need to be taught a lesson!"
Unable to comprehend Prussia's plan the nations agreed. America pulled out his laptop out of his laptop case and went to the website  Prussia looked up the song with a big smirk.  The song then started to play.
I've always thought stereotypes were kinda ridiculous,
So I wrote a song about it and it goes a little something like this.
I think I love you more than the Japanese love tentacle porn,
As soon as Japan heard the beginning of the song he became extremely deep red and said, "Th-That is not true! I do not rove tentacle porn it's just something my country came up with!"
America starte
:icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 189 52
Bankotsu drawing by goddes-of-death Bankotsu drawing :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 8 girl by goddes-of-death girl :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 2 girl in meadow by goddes-of-death girl in meadow :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 die romantic by goddes-of-death die romantic :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 man looking in mirror by goddes-of-death man looking in mirror :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 demon inuyasha by goddes-of-death demon inuyasha :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 deviant id by goddes-of-death deviant id :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 5 anger chibi by goddes-of-death anger chibi :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 your worst nightmare version 2 by goddes-of-death your worst nightmare version 2 :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 your worst nightmare version 1 by goddes-of-death your worst nightmare version 1 :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 L by goddes-of-death L :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 0 kim possible by goddes-of-death kim possible :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 0 lost school girl by goddes-of-death lost school girl :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 love by goddes-of-death love :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 0

Random Favourites

Twisted Princess: Mulan by jeftoon01 Twisted Princess: Mulan :iconjeftoon01:jeftoon01 37,767 2,725 No Heaven No Hell by Agnet No Heaven No Hell :iconagnet:Agnet 1,486 263 Anime tag by Orangeplum Anime tag :iconorangeplum:Orangeplum 107 27
Random 1:FruitsB with Inuyasha
A Random One: A Night at the Roxbury
What if Shigure and Hatori from Fruits Basket and Inuyasha and Mirkou from Inuyasha went clubbing?
     “Oh yeah! Let’s party and gets some girls!” shouted Miroku and Shigure in unison while exiting Hatori’s burgundy four door sedan. Hatori turn to the arrogant duo.
“Why am I even here?” Hatori sighed and pulled out a cigarette to help calm his nerves.
With a big grin on his mischievous face, Shigure gave Hatori an innocent slap on the back. “That simple, you’re our ride!” Miroku turned to Shigure and gave him a high five and complimented him on his slick remark.
“Yeah, two points!”
Inuyasha, who was unaware of what’s going on between the three, sniffed the surroundings with his super human smell.
“I have a bad feeling about this place.”
Inuyasha sighed and look down at his ridiculous outfit. Since he couldn’t wear his Fire Rat kimono in this era he h
:iconkickrocksbaby34:kickrocksbaby34 12 28
REAL Best Ed, Edd n Eddy Flash by VampireMeerkat REAL Best Ed, Edd n Eddy Flash :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 1,017 767
Eternal vows
I stand here today before you, and I will say these vows with all my heart.
The day I met you, I honestly thought you were just another rich narcissistic jerk. But, as time passed and we came to know each other more, you showed me that there was more to you than just the flamboyant king type that I thought you were.
You're caring, chivalrous and sensitive (even if it isn't to your own feelings). You've saved me on numerous occasions in your own special way, and you made me smile with your crazy antics and alarmingly haphazard thoughts.
The way you can sometimes let go of the "rich king" image and just be Tamaki is one of your best traits, and one of the things that made me fall for you, if I'm totally honest.
You held me when it was stormy, you make me laugh when I am down, you defend my honour and you keep my secret.
And although you sometimes get on my nerves, there isn't one single thing that I would change about you.
You melt my heart whenever I look at you, and I know my life woul
:iconpixie-alchemist:Pixie-Alchemist 4 17
The Proposal
The house---their house, Haruhi thought with a warm sort of tenderness she hoped would never die---was dark when she pulled into the driveway, the windows… flickering?... as she walked up to the front door.  She shrugged it off, figuring that Tamaki had left a candle lit or forgotten to turn the television off again.  Haruhi sighed softly to herself.  That man would lose his head if it wasn't connected to his neck.  She paused, laughing louder at the realization of how cliché that thought sounded.  But what could she say?  He brought out the cliché in her.
She slid the key in the lock, raising an eyebrow at the fact that the door was already open.  And not just unlocked, but open open, like left ajar.  Suddenly, and out of pure instinct, Haruhi felt her heart jump into her throat.  Had someone broken into their house?  She hesitated in the doorway for
:iconfreerunnercho:Freerunnercho 37 14
TamaHaru - Takara
TamaHaru - Takara
Haruhi opened her eyes to the sunlight she felt warming her face. She slowly sat up and stretched before looking over at the figure curled up in his sleep at her side. His hand grasped hers ever so slightly, and Haruhi softly pulled her hand him his before she stood up.
She pulled their bedroom door open and quietly walked into the sitting room of Tamaki's family's penthouse , where he had insisted they live after they were married. She didn't have a better solution, so she had just gone with it. After all, Tamaki had let her choose everything for the wedding.
The house was completely silent. Haruhi didn't want to break the peaceful quiet that filled its rooms with preparations for the day quite yet. She sat down at the dining room table and rested her head in her hands as she exhaled once and drank in the rare morning serenity.
She caught the faint sound of singing birds for half a second and opened her eyes to look out the window, where she could see white cherry bl
:iconyukixtohru--animegrl:YukixTohru--animegrl 41 40
The Host Clubs Future by RanaTatsumia The Host Clubs Future :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 7 1 Tamaki and Haruhi and baby by raihakurosagi Tamaki and Haruhi and baby :iconraihakurosagi:raihakurosagi 74 24
Tamaki's Troubles
Go away
"um...Suou-sama, you need to get this paper work done"
He grunted softly from the window sill he sat in. He knew exactly what the secretary would do. She would leave it with the other twelve files on his desk, then call his father, who would lecture him till he pretended to read what ever the so called urgent matter was.
As predicted, she left the file and then the office. A few moments later he heard her muttering on the phone. He didn't know who she was talking to, all he heard was 'Its been a week already'
There was nothing wrong with him not wanting to work. He was board to death and he hadn't been home since Tuesday. His father wouldn't let him leave until he finished the work, but he had no will. So he sat in the window sill when his father wasn't there.
An hour later he heard his secretary talking again, he assumed it was one of her friends and turned back to the window. His office door opened; they were probably peeking in; still didn't care.
What su
:iconxless-then-threex:xless-then-threex 24 13
Ouran Host Club Scenario 3 by Kitsiru Ouran Host Club Scenario 3 :iconkitsiru:Kitsiru 228 22
TamaHaru- Going Together
"Haruhiiiiii! Are you almost ready!?"
Tamaki paced the length of the hallway in his mother's home, his brow furrowed and his feet racing along the wood of the floor. He knew he was being impatient but somehow he couldn't bring himself to care. Excitement and nervousness were not a good combination and he couldn't help wringing his hands. Behind him, Antoinette and Hachibei chased each other around the living room.
"Yeah," Haruhi called feebly from behind the bathroom door. "I'm going as fast as I can."
Worried, Tamaki pressed his hands against the door. Haruhi had been acting strange since the two of them had arrived in France, and he could tell that something was off. Maybe it was just the fact that she had had to come all the way from America to France and give up three days of studying to come on this trip. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine," Haruhi assured him. "Don't worry, I'll be out in a minute."
"Okay…" Tamaki went
:iconkitskie:kitskie 50 14
Whenever You Remember by CardcaptorKatara Whenever You Remember :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 126 78
TamaHaru- Idealistically Yours
Warning: spoilers for the end of the manga. You've been warned.
"Please, Haruhi?"
"I said no! Get out of here!" Haruhi snapped, a vein pulsing in her temple as she moved over to the 'door of love' that connected their apartments and opened it, pointing toward his apartment that was visible on the other side. "I'm sorry, senpai, but I have homework to do."
"But I want to spend some time with you!" Tamaki wailed. "I never get to see you at all except for meals and on the train to school!" he was waving his arms around and he was grumping and whining, and Haruhi had had just about enough. "Can't I stay for--"
"No…" Haruhi told him firmly, shoving him toward his own apartment. "Get out, please. I have a lot of work to do…" Haruhi had to admit that though she enjoyed, occasionally, being so close to her senpai in proximity, the living arrangement was anything but ideal. Most of the time, he got in her way and h
:iconkitskie:kitskie 37 19



Julie Myers
United States
Hi my name is Julie im a typical 19 year old girl. I am way hyper and I am really short I do lots of cosplay and drawing and I'm really friendly.
I also have a Fanfiction account where i post all my stories if you wish to read any go here.


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