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Sebastian feeding his master :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 0
Hetalia Stereotypes
On one very boring world meeting the nations were discovering there boredom was taking over.  So Prussia decides to break it.
"So guys here's an awesome idea I found this song on youtube why don't we watch the music video" Prussia said with a smirk
Canada knew what he was up to but did not say a word.  
He whispered to himself "Those hosers need to be taught a lesson!"
Unable to comprehend Prussia's plan the nations agreed. America pulled out his laptop out of his laptop case and went to the website  Prussia looked up the song with a big smirk.  The song then started to play.
I've always thought stereotypes were kinda ridiculous,
So I wrote a song about it and it goes a little something like this.
I think I love you more than the Japanese love tentacle porn,
As soon as Japan heard the beginning of the song he became extremely deep red and said, "Th-That is not true! I do not rove tentacle porn it's just something my country came up with!"
America starte
:icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 180 52
Bankotsu drawing :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 8 girl :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 2 girl in meadow :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 die romantic :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 man looking in mirror :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 demon inuyasha :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 deviant id :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 5 anger chibi :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 your worst nightmare version 2 :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 your worst nightmare version 1 :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 L :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 0 kim possible :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 0 lost school girl :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 0 0 love :icongoddes-of-death:goddes-of-death 1 0

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Tamaki and Haruhi and baby :iconraihakurosagi:raihakurosagi 74 24
Tamaki's Troubles
Go away
"um...Suou-sama, you need to get this paper work done"
He grunted softly from the window sill he sat in. He knew exactly what the secretary would do. She would leave it with the other twelve files on his desk, then call his father, who would lecture him till he pretended to read what ever the so called urgent matter was.
As predicted, she left the file and then the office. A few moments later he heard her muttering on the phone. He didn't know who she was talking to, all he heard was 'Its been a week already'
There was nothing wrong with him not wanting to work. He was board to death and he hadn't been home since Tuesday. His father wouldn't let him leave until he finished the work, but he had no will. So he sat in the window sill when his father wasn't there.
An hour later he heard his secretary talking again, he assumed it was one of her friends and turned back to the window. His office door opened; they were probably peeking in; still didn't care.
What su
:iconxless-then-threex:xless-then-threex 24 13
Ouran Host Club Scenario 3 :iconkitsiru:Kitsiru 228 22
TamaHaru- Going Together
"Haruhiiiiii! Are you almost ready!?"
Tamaki paced the length of the hallway in his mother's home, his brow furrowed and his feet racing along the wood of the floor. He knew he was being impatient but somehow he couldn't bring himself to care. Excitement and nervousness were not a good combination and he couldn't help wringing his hands. Behind him, Antoinette and Hachibei chased each other around the living room.
"Yeah," Haruhi called feebly from behind the bathroom door. "I'm going as fast as I can."
Worried, Tamaki pressed his hands against the door. Haruhi had been acting strange since the two of them had arrived in France, and he could tell that something was off. Maybe it was just the fact that she had had to come all the way from America to France and give up three days of studying to come on this trip. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine," Haruhi assured him. "Don't worry, I'll be out in a minute."
"Okay…" Tamaki went
:iconkitskie:kitskie 50 14
Whenever You Remember :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 126 78
TamaHaru- Idealistically Yours
Warning: spoilers for the end of the manga. You've been warned.
"Please, Haruhi?"
"I said no! Get out of here!" Haruhi snapped, a vein pulsing in her temple as she moved over to the 'door of love' that connected their apartments and opened it, pointing toward his apartment that was visible on the other side. "I'm sorry, senpai, but I have homework to do."
"But I want to spend some time with you!" Tamaki wailed. "I never get to see you at all except for meals and on the train to school!" he was waving his arms around and he was grumping and whining, and Haruhi had had just about enough. "Can't I stay for--"
"No…" Haruhi told him firmly, shoving him toward his own apartment. "Get out, please. I have a lot of work to do…" Haruhi had to admit that though she enjoyed, occasionally, being so close to her senpai in proximity, the living arrangement was anything but ideal. Most of the time, he got in her way and h
:iconkitskie:kitskie 37 19
Mature content
TxH-How2MakeLoveLikeAHost pt1 :iconkitskie:kitskie 10 24
Mature content
Kyo and Tohru sex story :iconnnygirl:Nnygirl 4 2
Mature content
Hikaru's Inner Mind Theatre :iconhonoumiko:HonouMiko 119 59
TamaHaru- Duet chapter 13
Given the events of the previous afternoon, it was quite understandable even to Haruhi why she found herself simply standing outside the gate of Suoh mansion 2 at 5:15 on Thursday, steeling herself for the upcoming piano lesson. If things had ever been awkward between them, she was sure that previous awkwardness would pale in comparison to this lesson. She could not imagine a comfortable way to go about this.
"Why in the world did he kiss me?" she asked aloud. It was the same question she had lay on her futon asking herself the night before until she finally managed to fall asleep. Whenever she thought of that warm pressure of his lips against her cheek, her face burned and she felt irritated with herself for getting so caught up in it. "It just doesn't make any sense…" she leaned up against the ivy-draped pillar on the left side of the gate. She glanced at her watch, wondering how long would be appropriate for her to stand outside gathering her bearings. She was fifteen minutes l
:iconkitskie:kitskie 17 25
Mature content
TamaHaru- Buttermilk :iconkitskie:kitskie 45 21
TamaHaru- Sharing Strawberries
'Good morning, Mom,' with a smile on her face, Haruhi knelt beside the shrine, arranging the skirt of her dress around her so it wouldn't become uncomfortably bunched under her knees. 'I know you know this, but it's my birthday today…'
"I see you're wearing the dress I bought you," a smooth voice whispered in her ear, and though she hadn't even realized he was here yet, she wasn't surprised at the feeling of a pair of strong arms slipping around her from behind, his face nuzzling into the back of her neck.
"Well, of course I am. You made me promise and threatened to fly into hysterics if I didn't," Haruhi deadpanned, secretly smiling as she leaned back against Tamaki. 'A lot has changed since my birthday last year, Mom. I'm sure if you were here, you'd be happy about it, in a way. Even though it does mean I'm growing up.'
"Sorry I'm a bit late," Tamaki muttered sheepishly, kissing the side of her neck with a tenderness that make faint goosebumps break out acro
:iconkitskie:kitskie 36 31
Mature content
TamaHaru- Precious Tears :iconkitskie:kitskie 25 34
TamaHaru- Birthday
When Tamaki shut the door behind him and entered his small, dark apartment, the surrounding space was dark. He slowly removed his tie and coat as he walked farther into the living room. His hands, stained red from finger painting during arts and crafts time with the preschoolers he taught, smoothed themselves compulsively over his hair.
"Haruhi?" he called as he kicked off his shoes. He was met by the sound of silence, and his heart fell a little. "Oh, she's out? She must have forgotten…" it came out in a soft whisper in the quiet air of the apartment, and when he felt a pair of gentle arms close around him from behind, he yelped in surprise.
"You really think I forgot?" Haruhi asked softly, her face pressed against the back of his shoulder. Tamaki smiled and flipped on the hall light, turning around to face her. Her now shoulder length hair was held up by the heart shaped barrettes he liked so well, and her face was shining with a kind of childlike excitement that made him want t
:iconkitskie:kitskie 27 22
Mature content
TamaHaru- Midas Touch :iconkitskie:kitskie 47 37
TamaHaru- Kisses From a Rose
The first time she meets Suoh Tamaki, it is a complete mess. She wanders into the music room searching for solitude, and finds them instead, which is more than a bit unsettling for her. Why does she always get more than she bargains for? Those indigo eyes flash and sparkle excitedly in her direction as he speaks to her, his soft blonde hair falling unceremoniously into his eyes as he moves energetically around the room.
Haruhi knows it's mostly his fault that she happens to stumble backward, that she happens to hit that pedestal that stands so unwisely in the center of the room. And as the vase falls, it falls in slow motion. She watches it, tries to catch it, because she knows unconsciously that if it does hit the floor these people will become intertwined in her life somehow. She grasps desperately at it, trying to remedy the situation.
But nevertheless, the vase shatters into a thousand glittering pieces. And with it shatters the remainder of her normal life.
:iconkitskie:kitskie 97 91



Julie Myers
United States
Hi my name is Julie im a typical 19 year old girl. I am way hyper and I am really short I do lots of cosplay and drawing and I'm really friendly.
I also have a Fanfiction account where i post all my stories if you wish to read any go here.


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